New Alliance Members START HERE!

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New Alliance Members START HERE!

Post by Cyndane on Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:31 pm

Welcome to On Winter's Eve alliance. As the Master of Ceremonies for our Alliance, I am happy to help you navigate within GOTA and within our alliance, so send me a raven anytime you have a question.  My game play name is Cyndane Moghieden.

This is our alliance only forum that we invite our members to join. Please see "How to Join the Forum" here:

Once registered, feel free to look through the posts and join in the conversation!

We are glad to have you with us as we become the #1 Alliance.

Everything posted in The Kings Road is public, so if you want to discuss strategy, please register and be sure to post in Winter's Eve Hold.  Winter's Eve Hold is for members only.

There are several helpful links  in the forum to get started.

Members Only Forums are structured as below:
The Practice Yard - Tips and how-to's
The Embassy - Warfare including Alliance versus Alliance
The Sept - Reincarnation
Crafters Alley - All about crafting
Tavern - Just for fun

Please ask questions, we are all happy to answer them, and to feel free to enjoy yourselves.  This is YOUR alliance and the officers are here to serve YOU.

Current Officers
Liege Lord - Justus1975
Hand - Sulevia
Swordmaster - Drimman
Master of Coins - Ser Raglan
Master of Ceremonies - Cyndane
Officers: Wynton, Beermeister, IceDragon, Richard Snow

Cyndane Moghieden - FB
Perrin Aybara - Kong
Faile Bashere - DB

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